Judge John Shirley is currently a Rankin County Justice Court Judge and he previously served as Pearl Youth Court Judge, Pearl Municipal Court Judge, special Rankin County Youth Court Judge and as a special Municipal Court Judge for Brandon, Flowood, and Richland. John has also been a prosecutor in Circuit Court, County Court, Justice Court, and Youth Court.



  • Pearl Youth Court Judge
  • Pearl Municipal Court Judge
  • Special Brandon Municipal Court Judge
  • Special Flowood Municipal Court Judge
  • Special Richland Municipal Court Judge
  • Special Rankin County Youth Court Judge
  • County Court Prosecutor
  • Justice Court Prosecutor
  • Youth Court Prosecutor
  • Circuit Court Prosecutor
  • Special County Prosecutor
  • Law Enforcement Instructor
  • Attorney for Department of Human Services
  • Graduate Computer Instructor - M.S.U.
  • Business Law Instructor - Hinds CC
  • Computer Science Instructor - Hinds CC


  • Doctor of Jurisprudence - M.C. School of Law
  • National Judicial College
    • Advanced Evidence for Judges
    • Advanced Criminal Evidence for Judges
    • Co-Occurring Mental & Substance Abuse
    • Enhancing Judicial Bench Skills
    • Evidence in a Courtroom Setting
    • 4th Amendment - Search & Seizure for Judges
    • General Jurisdiction for Judges
    • Impaired Driving Cases
    • Scientific Evidence & Expert Testimony
  • National Council Juvenile & Family Court Judges
    • Advanced Evidence in Family Law
    • Advanced Family Law for Judges
    • Managing Challenging Family Law
  • American Prosecutor's Research Institute
    • Trial Prosecution of Child Abuse
    • Advanced Trial Prosecution of Child Abuse
  • Numerous Judicial & Prosecution Seminars
  • B.S. Computer Science - U.A.B.
  • Graduate Study in Computer Science - M.S.U.


  • MS Council of Youth Court Judges  (2005-2017)
  • MS Municipal Judges Association  (2005-2017)
  • MS Bar & Rankin Bar Association  (1988-Present)
  • MS Commission Judicial Performance  (2004-2012)
  • MS Justice Court Judges Association  (2000-2012)
  • MS Prosecutors Association  (1990s)
  • Rankin Republican Executive Committee  (1990s)

Seminar Speaker

  • Changes in Youth Court Law
  • Confessions and Search & Seizure
  • Criminal Sentencing
  • Criminal Trial Procedures
  • Ethical Issues for Guardians Ad Litem
  • Ethical Issues for Justice Court Judges
  • Ethical Issues for Juvenile Defenders
  • Ethical Issues for Municipal Court Judges
  • Ethical Issues for Youth Court Judges
  • Fundamentals of Holding Court
  • Judicial Tips for Justice Court Practice
  • Judicial Tips for Municipal Court Practice
  • Judicial Tips for Youth Court Practice
  • Overview of Youth Court Law
  • Procedures Preceding a Criminal Trial
  • Prosecution of Child Abuse
  • Role & Powers of a Guardian Ad Litem
  • Role of GAL v. Role of Juvenile Defender
  • Testimony by Children
  • Youth Court Practice
  • Youth Court Overview

Contact Information

A judge is NOT allowed to discuss issues in a case in which he/she is the judge unless all parties are present.    Click here for specific rule - Canon 3B(7)(a).

  • Court Clerk Contact Information:
    • 601-824-2672 Justice Court: Jessica Massey

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